DOD’s USXPORTS Initiative Looks to Enhance and Streamline License Submission and Review

The Department of Defense has announced USXPORT, an initiative to enhance and streamline the current US Government process for reviewing license applications required by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). The purpose of USXPORT is to address the current Commerce Department and State Department licensing systems which are not interoperable and which often require that applicants submit multiple copies of technical and other supporting documentation for license applications.

  • DOD has $30 million in funding to use over the next three years to achieve these 5 objectives:
  • Establish a common electronic interface between industry and government;
  • Improve the quality of reviews that protect military capabilities;
  • Improve and standardize computer systems among US Government players in the license review process;
  • Decrease license processing times; and
  • Ensure that the electronic license submission and review system is secure.

Exporters and reexporters certainly can hope that this DOD initiative will bring increased efficiency and decreased license processing times. It remains to be seen if the other US Government agencies involved in the licensing process agree with the goals and objectives of USXPORT.

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