The Expired DSP-83 is Back


By: Danielle McClellan

Effective immediately an expired DSP-83 forms that the DDTC receives will be processed.

The notice published on the State Department website on May 6, 2016 is rescinded.  If you received a proviso directly an upload of the new DS-83 form in accordance with the rescinded Notice can hereby disregard the proviso by citing this revised notice.

The State Department has updated its policy regarding the DSP-83, although it cannot mandate the use of the expired form, an individual or entity may voluntarily submit the form and it can be processed as long as it contains all of the information and certifications required by the current, unexpired form. At this point, the DSP-83 has not been substantially amended so DDTC will continue to accept the expired form.

DDTC is strongly urging that entities and individuals that do not use the current DSP-83 form provided by the them to implement the new form no later than October 1, 2016 to avoid confusion during the future revisions.

Link to Notice:

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