Living out Your Fantasy to Work with Russian Spies Can Cost You


By: Danielle McClellan

Gregory Allen Justice, 49 of Culver City, worked the night shift at Boeing Satellite Systems in El Segundo as an engineer. He felt unappreciated after over a decade with the company and had a sick wife who had mounting medical bills. To get away from the perils of his life he found a special love for “The Americans,” the FX series about KGB spies in the US and a mysterious woman in Long Beach.

Justice had access to sensitive technical data about military and commercial satellites; he tried to sell them to a Russian spy, who just happened to be an undercover FBI agent. It is unclear how Justice met the agent but over the course of 5 meetings he provided the agent with USB drives that contained satellite information in exchange for payments of cash, in stacks of $500 or $1,000 bills. Justice told the agent that he needed the money to pay for his sick wife’s huge medical bills; however, it was found that he provided an unnamed woman in Long Beach with over $21,000 in cash as well as TVs, a $900 IPhone and a purse among other things.

Justice told the agent on numerous occasions that he loved the “The Americans,” and the agent told him, “You’re very, very important to the Russians.” There was also a secret recording of Justice released where he expressed his frustration with his inability to grow within his current position at Boeing, “I’m going to stop trying…Why put out the effort if there’s not going to be any reward? I’m tired and I’m done…What I can’t do is keep putting myself out, without being rewarded for it.” It seems that this was a perfect storm of events for Justice, live out a life similar to his favorite TV show and make money while getting back at the company he felt so unappreciated by.

Justice’s father, William Justice, told journalist, “He’s a good kid…I’ve never known him to do anything that was inappropriate.” When asked about his son’s wife, William Justice explained that she had a variety of health problems, including diabetes and chronic accident-related back pain.

Gregory Allen Justice has been arrested and is being held without bail. He faces 15 years in prison if convicted of a charge of economic espionage, in addition to 20 years on charges of violating the Arms Export Control Act (AECA).

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