State/DDTC Posts Revision 4.4b of Guidelines for Preparing Agreements


(Source: State/DDTC)

Summary of Changes:

This revision reflects conforming changes to the latest ITAR updates from 81 FR 66804 and 81 FR 54732. It also adds administrative clarifications for some of the changes made in Revision 4.4. The changes from 81 FR 54732 will go into effect on 15 November 2016.

Conforming Changes Resulting from the latest ITAR Revisions:

  • Updates the DCS references to reflect the changes to § 123.9(b)(iv), § 124.9(a)(6) and §124.14(c)(7)
  • Adds a statement listing the sales territory to the § 124.7(a)(4) paragraph of MLAs
    • Sec 5.2.c.4, Appendix A – Tabs 3 and 7
  • Updates references to § 126.1 countries
  • Updates references from § 124.7 to § 124.7(a) to reflect the new ITAR designations*
  • Updates references from § 124.8 to § 124.8(a) to reflect the new ITAR designations*#

As there were over 100 instances of § 124.7 and § 124.8 in the Agreements Guidelines, and since the changes were purely administrative in nature, the updated references have not been highlighted in all instances.

This change affects all the required Option 2 DN/TCN request statements in Section 3.5.


  • Clarifies that conforming statement changes should be updated at the next amendment, whether major or minor
  • Clarifies that § 126.18(c) and § 126.18(d) are separate vetting options (Sec 3.5.b, Fig 3.1)
  • Clarifies how to update Space Insurance amendments when adding the conforming changes
  • Clarifies that Section 20.4.g applies to reexports and retransfers
  • Adds Appendix G – Summary of Changes from Revisions 4.4 and 4.4a

Applicants are not required to submit an amendment for the sole purpose of updating the revised statements in Revisions 4.4 and 4.4b, or to reflect other conforming changes. However, the conforming changes should be made at the next amendment, whether major or minor. All new agreement/amendment applications submitted after November 15, 2016, should conform to all the changes in Revision 4.4b. If the changes have not been made, provisos will be added instructing the applicant to make the changes prior to execution. Applicants may submit agreements that conform to the changes in Revision 4.4b prior to November 15.

Notes: The ITAR updates in 81 FR 54732 go into effect on November 15, 2016. Applicants are responsible for notifying their foreign signatories of these changes.

Existing NDAs remain valid. Sublicensees and DN/TCNs are not required to re-execute NDAs.

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