Census Bureau Announces Tips for Correcting AES Fatal Errors


By: John Black

If you submit your Electronic Export Information (EEI) through the Automated Export System (AES) and you get a “fatal error,” that means your submission is dead and you cannot proceed with the export until you correct the fatal error. The Census Bureau announced on its website fixes to two common fatal errors:

Fatal Error Response Code 004

  • Narrative: Filer/Transmitter Not Authorized To Send
  • Reason: The Filer/Transmitter combination was not recognized by AES.
  • Resolution: The combination of Filer ID, Transmitter ID, and Communication Password reported defines a pre-established AES filer/transmitter. The Filer/Transmitter combination must be authorized to file in AES. Verify the Filer ID and Transmitter ID reported, correct the shipment and resubmit.

Fatal Error Response Code 666

  • Narrative: ECCN Must Be From Approved List
  • Reason: The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) reported is not on the list of codes allowed for the License Code/License Exemption reported.
  • Resolution: See Appendix F – License and License Exemption Type Codes and Reporting Guidelines for a list of approved ECCN codes for the License Code/License Exemption reported. Verify the ECCN and License Code/License Exemption correct the shipment and resubmit.

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